28 Christmas Tree Themes To Try This Year (2024)

Each new year brings endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Your Christmas three themes can run the gamut from classic farmhouse to modern and boho-chic. Play with fun color combinations like pink and blue, white and silver, or green and teal. You can even transform your tree into a Christmas card display by stringing your greetings across your tree garland. Whether you go with a natural live tree from the local farm or a funky pink artificial tree, choose a theme that shows off your personality and style.

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We’ve made a list of every style of Christmas tree decorations. Stretch your creative muscles this year by trying out something new with the Christmas tree themes below.

1. Let It Snow

For a simple yet eye-catching look, cover your tree in icicle and snowflake ornaments that both reflect and enhance the light around the room. Top off the tree with an impressive crystal star. The traditional shapes paired with bold colors give your tree a classic yet modern look.

2. Artistic Display

Do you have a knack for arts and crafts or creative kids who love to make things? Use your tree to showcase your family’s creation from the past year. It’s a great way to display some of your kids’ favorite pieces into holiday decor. After the holiday season is over, you can use the artwork as gifts for your loved ones.

3. Tropical Tree

Celebrating in a sunny spot or missing your beach vacation from the summer? Cover your tree with faux tropical flowers, brightly colored ornaments and lights to bring the sunshine indoors this Christmas.Starfish, sand dollars and conch shells make an elegant seaside-themed Christmas three while keeping to a simple color scheme.

4. Travel Tree

If you spend most of the year traveling, be sure to collect ornaments along the way so you can relive all your adventures around the holidays. This is a great theme to change up year after year, depending on where your travels take you.

5. Tree Of Books

If you’re a passionate reader with a home full of books, skip the traditional live tree this year and stack your favorite stories in a pyramid as your Christmas focal point. Add a star at the top and wrap with string lights. This is great for a small apartment or living space that only has so much room to spare for holiday decor.

6. Reversible Skirt

Change up your Christmas tree theme each season or even midway through by building a reversible tree skirt. Reflect the colors of your home on each side of the skirt for an easy transition.

7. Scandinavian Tree

Looking for a new tree tradition? Try out this eco-friendly, Scandinavian-inspired Christmas tree by painting a silhouette on a large piece of natural wood and hanging ornaments on dowels.

8. Accent The Furniture

Do you have a brightly colored piece of accent furniture at the center of your living room? Match the tree to the vibrant items with a white tree covered in complementary colors.

9. Green And Teal

Stick to a color palette that brightens up a room without getting too complicated. Fill your naturally green tree with teal ornaments, pale green Christmas balls and shimmering green and blue ribbon. This is great for anyone who’s tired of the traditional holiday colors but doesn’t want to stray too far from the classics.

10. Rustic Farmhouse

Reflect the cozy accents of a farmhouse with white, red and black ornaments. Hang ornaments with all the animals, fruits and vegetables and iconic images that remind you of a cozy afternoon at the farm.

11. Hygge Ornaments

28 Christmas Tree Themes To Try This Year (10)

Source: Hey Wanderer

Create a sweater-inspired look with multi-colored clay. Cover your tree in your DIY creations that showcase the popular style of “hygge” coziness that’s highly sought after this time of year.

12. Snowy Pastels

Add softly colored accents to a white Christmas tree for a modern look. Stick to three simple colors—such as gold, pink and silver—and expand the color scheme to the rest of your Christmas decorations throughout your home.

13. Boho Chic

Incorporate multicultural elements in your tree and ornament choices with decor from all over the world. Tie it all together with a boho-inspired color scheme of bright green, gold and soft pinks.

14. Flannel And Knit

Fill a home with the comfortable textures and materials that make you want to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate. Decorate the base of the tree with a flannel tree skirt, add flannel and knit ornaments across the branches, and weave the colors throughout your Christmas decorations for a cohesive look.

15. Candy Cane Striped

Collect an assortment of white and red ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Weave them down your tree in stripes to emulate the iconic candy of the season. Upgrade white ornaments with marker, paint or red glitter to match your theme more closely.

16. Gingerbread Decor

Love the classic look of a gingerbread house? Collect ornaments, mantelpiece decor and a tree skirt with cookie-inspired decorations. Be sure to place your own gingerbread houses by the tree when guests come over for the Christmas party.

17. Holiday Cards

Hang holiday cards across your Christmas tree as they begin rolling in from friends and family. Attach to a thin string of garland with decorative clothespins and surround with all your favorite family ornaments.

18. Soft Bohemian

Cascade elegant white grape bunches down the tree from top to bottom. Balance the boho design with soft pink and blue accents both in the tree and throughout your living room. This is great for a natural-themed home or a house on a vineyard.

19. DIY Leather

If you’re looking for DIY Christmas decoration ideas, this is a simple and stylish ornament. Attach five thin strips of leather at the top and bottom and hand tie with a small piece of twine. Create a large set to make it the theme of your tree.

20. Knit Door Tree

Decorating a small apartment, children’s room or classroom for Christmas? Knit a bright green tree to hang on a wall or door and add handknit ornaments to add as the season goes on.

21. Citrus Tree

28 Christmas Tree Themes To Try This Year (17)

Source: Sisoo

Fruit on your Christmas tree goes back to an old tradition that many are now bringing back. String dried orange slices and tuck grapes and clementines into the branches of a white and green tree.

22. Monogrammed Decor

Personalize the items on your tree with a monogrammed theme. Add large letters that spell out your family name and include personalized ornaments from over the years. It’s a great way to showcase your family and how you’ve grown over the years.

23. Gifts Galore

Transport the kids to Santa’s workshop by covering your tree in brightly colored gift box ornaments, wooden toys and vibrant garlands. Place the tree in your playroom or right in the center of your home for a burst of color.

24. Bright Hues

Stick to a theme of the same blue, pink and yellow for a cohesive look across your tree, mantel and door decorations. The lighter look brightens up the wintry living room scene while delicately reflecting the glittering lights.

25. Snowy Earthtones

Keep it pale and natural for a chic Christmas look. If you already have a white and tan theme in your living room, match your Christmas tree to the theme with snowy branches, hints of gold and natural touches like pinecones and miniature trees.

26. Wild Forest

A rustic Christmas tree theme is perfect for the rural home or cabin in the woods. Deck out your tree with bears, deer and foxes and other ornaments to reflect the nature that surrounds you.

27. Monarch Butterflies

Fill your home with the vibrant colors of butterflies. Cover the branches in ornaments or garlands that make it look as if they all just perched delicately on your tree. Invite the kids to make their own butterfly ornaments to add to the design. For a home that has a snowy white Christmas every year, this is a great contrast to warm everyone’s heart.

28. Mini Tree

You don’t have to scrap your traditional tree design to try out a new Christmas tree theme. Add a second mini tree in your home to show off a unique theme white keeping it classic in the living room. This is perfect for a home with a formal living room and a den.

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Christmas tree decor gives you the opportunity to stick with tradition or branch out into more creative holiday decor. Highlight your Christmas tree decorwith your own unique taste and style for a memorable holiday season. Save the theme for next year or change it up every year to give your Christmas presents a beautiful place to wait until the big day.

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28 Christmas Tree Themes To Try This Year (2024)
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