The 3 Year Anniversary is finally here and it will be bringing Bloody Elizabeth as the first ever light attribute unit! Stay tuned for more announcements on what's new and all of the upcoming content planned for the anniversary. Did you know? You can get a free copy of either The One Escanor or Goddess Elizabeth, spend 30 gems for a Free copy or Halloween Gowther or Zeldris, spend 150 more gems for a free copy of Assault Meliodas or Young Merlin. That makes this free banner the best one till date!

Finally after long last the Slime Collab got its official Rerun. Benimaru, Rimuru & Milim returned alongside Demon Lord Rimuru and Shuna. Sorry for those who were waiting for Shione or Veldora. These 5 collab units got new and improved skills and stats and each will be getting costumes and holy relics. These holy relics made them strong enough to compete in meta and be useable in PvP again.

The Part 2 of the 2 Year Global Anniversary aka 2nd Anniversary Festival brought us Elaine who that buffs Full Winged King and the old Small Winged King. Queen Diane was the Festival Unit as part of the Global 2nd Anniversary! Skadi and Ellate were part of the Ragnarok 3.5 Given the last festival unit was the new darkness attribute, the next festival should feature a new light attribute unit. It could either be Elizabeth or even Mael. Doesn't look like our boi Estarossa will be getting a unit anytime soon.... We don't have to wait long as the 3 Year Anniversary will soon be upon us!

King of Fighters 98 was the last Grand Cross Collaboration. That collab featured two new units, Terry Bogard & Iori Yagami as they joined Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, and Omega Rugal from the past KOF collab. This appears to be the 1st of a few collab reruns that are planned by NetMarble, so maybe there is still some very small hopes for Attack on Titan or even ReZero.
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All right boys, I've had a like a fun morning.

This is the funniest day.

I've ever seen so many dms, so many comments, so many pings across everywhere about yo go go.

What is what is skill lock? What is this entire thing and it's the first actual like mission on heroes, way and so many people? So many people don't know what skill lock is today, I'm gonna go and quickly explain all of the hero away, challenges, get them done and show you how easy it is.

Don't worry.

We all have that at that moment, skill lock is very simple, I'll break it down for you today.

Let's have some fun.

This is all the hero away, challenges completed um as fast as possible.

If you're new to the channel you subscribe, let's have some fun so again, don't worry, don't feel like you've, uh, you're, dumb or something it literally says.

If you click it use, skill, locks and free stages, all you got to do is go to a free stage.

So if I hit start um, it should like direct me into there um so yeah.

So I already have one thing done, which is the first one right here: I'll hit complete done, that's out of the way now to go and use skill locks.

It is not difficult.

You don't have to worry, but again, I know people can be like.

Oh that's what it is, so what people are currently doing.

Um is I'll.

Do this on on easy, so what they're currently doing is people are using gother and they're using his uh attack disable because they feel it's a skill lock.

No, when I show you what skill luck is I swear if you have no idea what it is you're like.

Oh that's what it is right.

All you gotta do to use.

Skill lock is right.

All you gotta do is it's gonna load any second now come on.

This is literally it right wait for it, wait for it wait for it it's this.

This is skill lock that that's what it is right so, like people are doing some like insane methods.

They're like all right.

If I use go, there's rank two um they're a rank, one where I rank it up, and then I use his rank.


It's a skill lock boom.

It's not working, what's happening, that's all you got to do you then either complete the stage.

I don't think you have to even um, but you complete the stage once you're done, you go in there, you'll check it out I'll, try and complete.

I think I should just forfeit.

I don't think I have to complete it, but um I'll.

Do it anyways right so I'll fast forward to when I actually get it done all right so heading back, I'm back in the tavern I go to hear away.

You can see that I have completed it.

The next challenge is super simple, clear, free stages.

Five times you can either clear it like normally- and you know, have the capacity to do that.

I'm gonna use free tickets or skip tickets, because why not? Now that's the first stage the entire thing is completed.

I can now go and clear um or hit stage cleared and get my reward for uh a slater level 80, which is blue slater, which I think I already have low 80.

Yes, so that's done um, oh no! I don't actually wow.

So a nice cc jump right there.

I now have blue slater.

That's out of the way 18 gp, not bad, but yes, that's all you're gonna do is skill.

Lock is just that you just have to click those buttons right there and just lock the skill.

You don't have to use this skill after that.

You complete the mission or you don't even have to complete the mission um.

I don't even know so if you want to just forfeit after that, you forfeit and you're done with that being it.

That's all skill lock is there's nothing like a nightmare.

You don't have to go and use your go there um to lock them.

It was just funny when I was reading it.

I was like so many people were like doing weird things.

That's all it is.

So don't worry about that the rest of them! You can just read through it again.

I've shown these in different videos, um they're, all super easy, literally the easiest challenges ever some of them do get a little bit more challenging when it does come to um like super awakening.

If that is for newer players, mainly this hard extreme reaching 150kcc.

Those are just hard for like newer, newer players, um and then, if it goes to, I think engraving equipment, that's really it! Everything else is very, very easy.

So don't worry about it.

If you did have that entire thing with you know, skill, lock, you're, fine, don't worry no one's making fun of you.

Just that's all.

Let's kill that kids peace out enjoy catch.

You guys in the next one have fun and stay safe.


How do you use skill lock in Grand Cross? ›

To perform a Grand Cross skill lock, just don't use all three skill card options for that character during the round. Tap one of the skill cards for the current character to pick that skill, then tap the blank skill card slot next to it. Leaving card slots empty “locks” the skill and skips its turn.

How many stages of the hero's way are there 7ds? ›

Hero's Way

There are five sections to complete, and you don't really need to go out of your way at all to complete these.

How do you awaken equipment in 7ds? ›

To awaken a piece of equipment, you'll need to first enhance it to +5, and then you can proceed to awaken with Awakening Stones.

What skill does Meliodas have? ›

Full Counter: Meliodas' signature ability, Full Counter lets him reflect an attack sent at him back at their user with added power. This can only be used on magic-based attacks. Counter Vanish: A variation of Full Counter that dispels energy attacks instead of reflecting them.

How do you trigger the GREY demon in 7DS? ›

Unlocked after completing Chapter 6 of the main story, a Gray Demon can be summoned by filling up the Death Match meter in Boss Battles.

How do you unlock the secret box on a 7DS Grand Cross? ›

How to Redeem 7DS Grand Cross Secret Box Codes?
  1. Launch The Seven Deadly Sins game on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Go through Chapter 1 in the game to use the 7DS secret codes.
  3. From the top-right side of the screen, tap on the mail icon.
  4. Now, navigate the Inbox tab and claim the secret box.

How do you unlock death match in Grand Cross? ›

Performing boss battles can sometimes trigger a Death Match, which are high reward but high difficulty battles. The probability of triggering a Death Match is increased by each subsequent boss battle. Once triggered, there is a time limit of one hour to enter and defeat the Death Match boss.

How do you redeem codes on 7DS Grand Cross PC? ›

To redeem codes in 7DS Grand Cross, you, first of all, need the secret box the code is issued for. You can get secret boxes from the notice tab in your in-game mailbox when the developers sent them out. If you don't have a secret box a code is issued for, you cannot use that code is for.

Who is the most powerful in 7ds? ›

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the strongest fighter in the group. He was originally the leader of the Ten Commandments, but then he fell in love with Elizabeth and decided to quit being their leader. Meliodas' power increased by several folds towards the end of the series.

Who is the strongest sin 7ds? ›

1 Meliodas

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, and easily the strongest member of the crew. He is the main protagonist of the series. Meliodas is the first member of the group to be introduced in the series.

Who is the oldest person in 7ds? ›

Appearance. Despite having the appearance of a child, Meliodas is much older, being more than three thousand years old.

What is Meliodas sacred gear? ›

Demon Sword Lostvayne「魔剣 ロストヴェイン, Maken Rosutovein」: The Sacred Treasure of Meliodas. It appears as an ornamental short sword. It has the power to create clones of the user, though they are not as strong as the original, however they can still use Full Counter. It was created by Dubs.

How do you get the hero suit in 7ds? ›

Costumes can be bought through the Sacred Treasure Shop, by Limit Breaking Heroes, buying them in the PvP Vaizel Fight Festival Shop, or by maxing out Affinity for a given Hero.

What does awakened equipment do? ›

When equipment items have reached their max level, they can be awakened using Secret Books of Refinement and other necessary materials. Awakening equipment increases its ★ count and raises its max level. Awakening can also unlock an extra ability for some items. The max levels for equipment items are listed below.

How do you equip purgatory ban? ›

In order to best optimize his damage dealt since all are based on Max HP, Purgatory Ban should be equipped with HP (4-set) and Defense or Crit Damage (2-set) Since Attack substat does not add any value to his output damage, Crit Chance and Crit Damage substats are preferred on his Bracelet and Ring.

How do you activate death match on 7DS? ›

Performing boss battles can sometimes trigger a Death Match, which are high reward but high difficulty battles. The probability of triggering a Death Match is increased by each subsequent boss battle. Once triggered, there is a time limit of one hour to enter and defeat the Death Match boss.

How do you gain affection in 7DS? ›

Increase Affection with heroes by winning battles with them on the team or by conversing with them and exchanging gifts.

How do you get high combat power in 7DS? ›

Follow these steps to efficiently increase your CC: Enhance all your heroes to at least UR level 60, or UR level 80 if you have enough materials. Hero level is the primary source of CC which increases your basic stats (Attack, Defense, HP). Equip HP and Defense sets on heroes who are not included in the main team.

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