How to Program DirecTV Remote RC73 (With ALL Remote Codes) (2024)

If you don’t want to use multiple remotes to control your TV and devices, you can program your DirecTV remote to operate more than just your cable box. Still, you may find that your remote stops working properly or you may get a new TV and need to reprogram your existing remote.

The DirecTV RC73 allows you to control your entire entertainment system with a single remote. It’s a convenient feature that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

To program your DirecTV RC73, you can use the automatic CodeFinder feature, or pair the remote using manual code entry. You’ll need to pair the remote with your receiver, TV, and other devices individually.

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Types of DirecTV Remotes

DirecTV offers two types of remotes: the standard universal remote and the Genie remote. Both are programmable and may be used to operate both the receiver and TV.

The universal remote can be programmed for up to four different devices. So, you can use it to control your TV, receiver, DVD player, and other accessories. The first DirecTV remote of this style was the RC24.

Any of these remotes with model number beginning with “R” are equipped with RF technology.

The Genie remote is a smaller, simpler version than the long, white universal remote. Genie remotes are equipped with RF technology as well as IR capabilities. These remotes are compatible with any DirecTV receivers made in 2003 or later.

There are three current Genie remote models: RC71, RC72, and RC73. They all have the same capabilities and features, but later models may be compatible with newer TVs.

If your DirecTV Genie remote has an “H” at the end of the model number, it means you have a hotel remote and it will not work with residential entertainment setups. These are the RC70H, RC71H, and RC73H.

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How to Program DirecTV Remote RC73 (With ALL Remote Codes) (1)

How to Program RC73 for Audio Device

To program your Genie remote to a sound bar or other audio device, follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure TV is powered on and the device you want to pair the remote to is powered off
  • Point the remote at your Genie receiver
  • Press and hold MUTE and ENTER simultaneously (Note: ENTER is not the same as “SELECT”)
  • Release the buttons when the green light on the remote flashes twice
  • The TV screen should display “Applying IR/RF setup
  • Power on your audio device
  • Press MENU on the remote
  • Select Settings
  • Select Remote Control
  • Select Program Remote
  • Select your audio device
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote

To program your audio device manually, follow these steps:

  • Ensure TV is powered on and your audio device is powered off
  • Point your remote at your Genie receiver and press and hold MUTE and SELECT until the green light on the remote blinks twice
  • Enter the code 961 into the remote
  • Press channel up
  • Press ENTER (Note: ENTER is not the same as “SELECT”)
  • Press OK when the TV displays “Your remote is now set up for RF”
  • Power on your audio device
  • Press MENU on the remote
  • Go to settings → remote control → program remote
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote

How to Program RC73 for DIRECTV Ready TV

How to Program DirecTV Remote RC73 (With ALL Remote Codes) (2)

For a DIRECTV ready TV, programming your remote is simple. Follow these directions to program your Genie RC73 to your TV.

1. Ensure your TV is powered off and your receiver is powered on

2. Press and hold MUTE and ENTER on your remote until the green light flashes twice

3. The TV screen should display “Applying IR/RF setup

4. Turn on your TV

5. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT until the green light flashes twice

6. Enter your manufacturer’s 5-digit code (code lookup tool)

DIRECTV Ready TV ManufacturerRemote Programming Code

How to Program RC73 Manually

Even if you can’t use automatic programming features, you can still program your DirecTV remote manually. One way to do this is by following these easy steps:

Programming A GE Universal Remote I...

Programming A GE Universal Remote Instructions

1. While pointing the remote toward your receiver, hold down MUTE and SELECT until the green light blinks.

2. Press: 961

3. Press channel up

4. Press ENTER (Note: ENTER is not the same button as SELECT)

5. When you see the message Your remote is now set up for RF, press okay

6. Turn on the device you want to program/pair with the remote

7. Press MENU

8. Go to Settings & Help → Settings → Remote Control → Program Remote

9. Select the device you wish to program from the list and follow the on-screen instructions to complete

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DIRECTV Remote Codes for LCD TVs

If you want to program your RC73 remote using your TV’s specific code, here is a list of some of the most common manufacturers and their corresponding 5-digit code.

TV Brand/ManufacturerDIRECTV Remote Codes
AOC11589, 12087, 11089, 11365, 11590,12014, 12402, 12621, 13707
Audiovox11564, 10451, 10180, 13410, 13065, 12513, 12413, 12121
Coby13478, 13646, 13629, 13627, 13493, 13202, 12560, 12348, 12347
Craig10180, 13423
Daewoo10154, 10451, 11661, 10623, 10661, 10672, 13115
Dynex12049, 11463, 12184
Element11886, 12183, 12964, 13559
Emerson11864, 11394, 11886 , 10178, 10171, 10154, 10451
Fujitsu10809, 10179, 10186, 10853
GE11447, 10178, 10047, 10051, 10451, 10765, 11347, 11547, 11917
GPX10179, 12617, 12784, 13402
Haier11753, 11749, 11748, 11570, 12293, 12309, 12494, 12690, 13204, 13382
Hisense10748, 11314, 11660, 12183, 13519
Hitachi11643, 10145, 10679, 10797, 11484, 11576, 11904, 12207, 12756
Hyundai11219, 13418
Insignia12049, 11423, 11564, 10171, 10463, 12751, 12432
LG11423, 12358, 12731, 12424, 12834, 10178, 10017, 11265, 10700, 12612, 12864, 13941
Magnavox11867, 11454, 11455, 12597, 12372, 11755, 10054, 10171
Memorex10178, 10154, 10463, 10150, 10179, 11570, 11665 , 11670, 11892, 11903, 11911, 11924, 11927, 11938, 12739
Mitsubishi11250, 10093, 10178, 10150, 11797, 11917
Orion10463, 11463, 10179, 11911, 11938, 13540
Panasonic11480, 10250, 11291, 12264, 10650, 10051, 11271, 11924, 11927, 11941, 11946, 11947, 12240, 12654
Philips11867, 11454, 11455, 11744, 12597, 12372, 11394, 10054
RCA11447, 12434, 12746, 12932, 12187, 10093, 10047, 10051, 11661
Samsung10702, 10650, 10178, 10060, 10178, 10766, 10814
Sansui10171, 10463, 11463, 11409, 11670, 11892, 11904, 11911, 11935, 11938, 13540, 13564
Sanyo11142, 10054, 10154, 10088, 11362
Seiki10178, 12964, 13559, 13560, 13953
Sharp12360, 10818, 10093, 11393, 11917, 12402, 13867
Supersonic11753, 12104, 12784, 13154, 13204, 13593, 13595, 13877, 13894
Sylvania11864, 11394, 11886, 10054, 10171, 11271, 11314, 1 1595, 11665, 11913, 11931, 11944, 11963
Symphonic11394, 10171, 10180, 11595, 11904, 11913, 11944
Toshiba11524, 11656, 10156, 11156, 11256, 11936, 12006
Viewsonic12049, 10864, 11755, 11564, 12087, 13706, 12839
VIZIO11758, 13758, 12757, 10864, 11756, 10885
Zenith11423, 12358, 12731, 10178, 10047, 10017, 10463, 11265, 10145, 11661, 11365, 11904, 11911, 12612, 12742

DIRECTV Remote Codes for TV/DVD Combination

To program your DIRECTV remote for a TV/DVD player combo, you would follow the same steps as you would normally for programming a TV. Since the DVD player is built-in to the television, there’s no need to program the two devices separately in most cases.

It’s always best to start with the automatic programming feature to see if that will take care of the issue. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Press MUTE and SELECT until the green light flashes

2. Press 961 followed by the CHANNEL UP button

3. Press ENTER

4. Look for the message “Your remote is now set up for RF” on the TV screen

5. Press Menu → Settings & Help → Settings → Remote Control → Program Remote

6. Select the device you want to pair and follow the on-screen instructions

If this doesn’t work, you may need to locate your device’s programming code. Consult the list above for codes by manufacturer. Or, you can try the programming tool online provided by DIRECTV.

How to Program DirecTV Remote RC73 (With ALL Remote Codes) (3)

How to Program Your Old DirecTV Remote Without a Receiver

If you have an old DIRECTV universal remote lying around, you may still be able to get some use out of it even if you don’t have a receiver.

You can actually program the remote to control basic functions on your TV giving you an added remote for things like power on/off and audio control. So, if you lost your TV remote or just want to have an extra, you’re in luck!

To program your old DIRECTV remote without a receiver, follow these steps (TV should be turned ON when you start):

1. Press MUTE and SELECT at the same time and hold until the green light flashes twice

2. Enter the code: 991 (watch for two more flashes at the top of the remote)

3. Press 1 (should flash twice again)

4. Press CHANNEL UP, then pause for about 1 second, then press CHANNEL UP again, continuing slowly until the TV turns OFF.

5. After the TV turns OFF, press SELECT

Once you complete these steps, the remote should work to turn your TV on and off and control the volume and channel selection buttons.

How to Reset Your DIRECTV Genie Remote

If your remote is malfunctioning or if you get a secondhand remote from someone else, you may want to reset it.

To reset your Genie remote, follow these steps:

  • Look for the RESET button which may be located on the side of the receiver or inside the access card door.
  • Press RESET and wait at least 15 seconds
  • Your remote should be reset and ready to use

If you don’t have or can’t find a RESET button, you can also reset the receiver and remote simultaneously by unplugging the receiver from the wall outlet for at least 15 seconds. Then, plug it back in and wait for everything to reload.

Another way to reset your remote is by following these steps:

  • Press and hold MUTE and SELECT until the green light blinks twice
  • Enter 981

Changing Remote to RF Mode Without Using DVR

It’s possible to put your DIRECTV remote into RF mode without using the DVR or receiver. This may be necessary if your DVR is in RF mode but your remote is in IR mode.

To change the remote to RF mode, here’s what to do:

  • Slide MODE switch to the DIRECTV position
  • Press and hold MUTE and SELECT until you see the green light blink twice
  • Enter 961, then press the CHANNEL UP button
  • Enter 347379
  • Press SELECT

The remote should now be in RF mode. You can check this by covering the top of the remote with your hand and pressing INFO with your other hand. If it’s not working, you may need to try the steps again.

If it’s still not working, try resetting the remote first, then going through the steps again if needed.

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How to Program DirecTV Remote RC73 (With ALL Remote Codes) (2024)


How do I program my DIRECTV rc73 remote to a different receiver? ›

Go to Remote Control and press SELECT. Select Pair/Program Remote. Depending on your setup, this may be automatic or you may have to enter a code into your remote. Use the Codefinder tool on this page to find the 5-digit code.

How do I program my DIRECTV remote to my TV with the code? ›

Select Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote. Choose the device (TV, audio, DVD) you wish to program. If you don't see your TV or device listed, use the code lookup tool to find the 5-digit code. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete programming.

How do I program my directv remote to my TV without the code? ›

In conclusion, programming a DIRECTV remote without a code is possible using the auto-search function. This method involves pressing and holding the "Mute" and "Enter" buttons to enter programming mode, pressing the "TV" button, and then pressing the "Power" button.

How do you reset a DIRECTV remote to a different receiver? ›

Program DIRECTV Universal Remote for a Standard DVR or SD receiver
  1. Press the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Select Parental Favs & Setup > System Setup > Remote or Remote Control > Program Remote.
  3. Choose the device (TV, audio, DVD) you want to program. ...
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming your remote.
May 3, 2023

Why won't my DIRECTV remote work with my receiver? ›

If your remote is not responding, changing channels, or adjusting the volume, make sure you have direct line of sight to the receiver. Next, make sure your remote is set to control your DIRECTV receiver: At the top of the remote, slide the mode switch all the way to the left to the DIRECTV symbol.

How do I activate my DTV remote? ›

On your remote control, press the MENU button. Choose “Settings”, then choose “Remote Control”, then choose “Program Remote.” Select the device that you want to program. Just use the code lookup tool to check the code of your TV or device if it is not listed in the available options.

Can you program any remote to any TV? ›

They're not brand specific, so you can program universal remote controls and use them with any device model from almost every electronics manufacturer. Most universal remotes work with multiple devices, so they can control your TV, cable box, and other peripherals such as DVD players and streaming devices.

Why is my remote not working even with new batteries? ›

Make sure none of the remote buttons are jammed or stuck. The remote control battery terminals may be dirty. Remove the batteries and clean the remote control terminals with a small solution of alcohol, using a cotton bud or soft cloth, then place the batteries back into the remote control.

Can I use a directv remote as a universal remote? ›

Your new DIRECTV® Universal Remote can control your entire entertainment system—TVs, DVD players, VCRs and stereo systems. Changes the remote's MODE to control other equipment.

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