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It was about being with back with another video, so today's video is going to be about the best way to level up on demon 4, because I I wasn't a um public VC on the demon fall server and everybody was asking me what's the best way to level up so I'm gonna be making the video on how to level up.

So you know for all those people that were asking me and for a lot of people that don't know or that just started playing the game could find an easier way to level up, and you know just do things and some tips and tricks for everyone.

That's starting this game one and is one all right.

Don't at level like 15 I think that's! When people try to do it, don't go trying to do final selection, pointless points you don't want to go.

Do final selection, I think I'm lagging a little bit.

I, don't want to see no lag smooth.

All right! You don't want to go to you.

Don't want to do final selection when you start off and I'm level 90.

Last video if y'all want to go check.

My video before this one I can go check it.

I was level 50., and that was like two days ago that 40 levels now and everybody knows you know leveling up from 50 to 90 like two days is like fast they're like super fast, especially like you know how dire exp is and getting them from bosses.

I'm gonna give y'all some tips and tricks right now, I'ma stop stalling.

You need one not to do the final selection, because in order to prestige, you have to do the final selection all over.

You have to do all that process and like breathing and stuff, like that, you just skip all that.

Don't even do that yet say if you're trying to prestige focus on prestiging, don't focus on anything else, and the best way to do that is you want to go find these bosses by a gear, Toro Entertainment, District, kaigaku, hayakawa or okya Village, wherever it is fine, you want to find like people that are fighting it server hop you want to like find people that are like getting it low that are actually doing damage.

You want to sit there and you will jump from level one like level.

26 are Level 230 depending on if you have Commodore or not or if you're already prestiged.

So you want to continue to do this right on and off you don't have to hit the you.

Don't have to hit the boss.

All I'll say is that when you do, since you know, people fight cargo more, since he gets more EXP, you just want to stand there and just block with your regular blade so as you're blocking and you're standing there right so now, you're getting exp and you're prestiging.

And if you don't know what prestiging is I'll show you Village, oh yeah, but like you're standing there, people are killing him, hey you want to get, and you want to do that until you hit Prestige five Prestige five.

This is where the real exp starts to kick in now you need like a group of at least I.

Don't know five, four friends.

It could honestly be two I'm gonna, be it could be two people, one yeah would have to be Max, so they can carry.

And then, when you get to like it gives like a decent amount of XP so like when you get to like wave five, you should have leveled up a decent amount.

I would say, put in all your defense stats, so you could be able to, like you know, get out the way and be able to take a punch stuff like that.

It's really all just to help you out.

I was up there already, but I think somebody killed me while I was turning on my recording software.

So you want to get go to a horse guy and you want to go to I.

Don't know how to pronounce that I'm not gonna, enjoy I, don't go to this Village right here, Kamakura so and then you wanna and then from Kamakura right.

So you just want to like you spawn here.

You want to go up here.

You wanna go through here, go towards this corner.

You go see this calf right and then you just turn past the stairs, and then you stumble across him.

No, the only reason why you're not doing him right away is because, in order to do a raid, you have to have Prestige five.

So you want to go ahead.

You know and hit Prestige five, but in order to hit Prestige five, you need a way to do that and I just gave out the way.

But as soon as you get prestige, five, it's leveling up prestiging from there should really just be a cake because I'm not gonna lie the raids like a lot like no joke and I was doing it by myself.

So if y'all want help down below I can, on my day off from work, I can for sure help um for sure get into that.

Put y'all I'm trying to find a think.

You, okay, so you spawn right here you go straight down and then the guy that prestigious is right.

Here you talk to him yeah, it's not even allowing me to talk to him, but you know I'm max prestige can't Prestige anymore um.

You go ahead and talk to him and then you prestige from him and then you start to start all over.

You got to fight the guy.

You got to go through that whole process.

Again after you fight him.

Don't even worry about like how your character looks.

Just fight the guy doesn't matter if you're demon or not, because you used to have the prestige again and then you're gonna get reset all over.

It's gonna be the same process.

Five times just go ahead and do that and I would I, don't know just yeah, it's just fully prestigious because you don't know what they're going to be adding in future updates, so Prestige all the way through and then do raids.

Do it with friends, because there is a two hour cooldown so doing it with a friend when you host it say if I hosted it right now, I would have to wait one hour, but your friend doesn't have to even if they, even though they played with you.

So you could have your friend host the next one and then your other friend holds the next one, and the other friend hold this host the next one and by the time they're done.

Yours should be active again and I could just be running the raids all day, long ways take times to complete it, so it would just be a cycle of it.

Just like going back, you know it just and it just feels like you're just doing the raids over and over and over and over.

So that's the best way to level up.

Let me know if this video helped down below and if it did help please like comment and subscribe and join the family.

We on the road to 10 000 subscribers I would say too.

We are on the roads too, but we gotta, you know, bump it up a bit.

So let's get there have a great day hope you enjoyed the video for real and peace, foreign.


What is the fastest way to grind XP in Demonfall? ›

One of the most efficient ways to farm XP in DemonFall is by killing demons. It might not be the most interesting, but if your goal is to get to max level as fast as possible, this might be the quickest route.

How much XP does Zenitsu have Demonfall? ›

Agatsuma Zenitsu is a mini-boss in Demonfall that uses Thunder Breathing. Demons can get a quest for executing him, however Slayers can still kill him and get exp. This mini-boss has 350 HP and gives 300 XP upon execution, and respawns fast just like the Green Demon and Axe Demon.

What happens if you drink Muzan blood as a slayer in demon fall? ›

Muzan Blood is also used for becoming a Hybrid if you are currently a Demon Slayer, you must talk to Kokushibou in the snow biome as a Demon Slayer when you are level 50 then you must drink 5 Muzan Bloods to become a Hybrid. But you will lose half of your levels as the cost of becoming a hybrid.

What is the fastest way to grind XP? ›

Minecraft: The Best Ways To Get XP Fast
  1. 12 Build A Makeshift Farm In The End.
  2. 13 Complete Advancements. ...
  3. 14 Find Bastions With Piglin Brutes. ...
  4. 15 Use A Grindstone. ...
  5. 16 Smash A Bottle O' Enchanting. ...
  6. 17 Kill A Wither. ...
  7. 18 Defeat The Ender Dragon. ...
  8. 19 Farm The Deep Dark. The Deep Dark is a great biome to farm for XP. ...
Apr 1, 2023

How much XP does Yoriichi give Demonfall? ›

Yoriichi, Sun Breathing Slayer

He is the first boss to use an I-frame move to escape combos. And Yoriichi drops 18,000 exp upon death.

How much XP does the AXE demon give? ›

The Axe Demon gives 90 exp. You can also sell the collars to John for 200 yen at the Slayer Corps. This boss cannot execute you unlike the Green Demon.

How much XP does Crystal Demon give? ›

After defeating him, he will drop a Crystal Essence, which is used to forge a Custom Nichirin (e.g Flames Nichirin, Water Nichirin...etc) and Kamado Nichirin. Defeating him gives you 1000 Yen and 1000 EXP.

How much XP does lower moon 2 give in Demonfall? ›

Lower moon 2 is a storyline boss in Demonfall. Lower moon 2 is a demon who uses the Shadow Art. You encounter Lower moon 2 in a quest given to you by Ubuyashiki, in which he appears after you kill 20 demons in Okuyia Village. If you complete the storyline mission you'll get around 3390 xp.

Do you need level 50 to get moon breathing in Demonfall? ›

The changes in appearance are only applied when the user resets their character, After resetting, when you are at least level 50, talk to the Kokushibo NPC again. By clicking "Ee biko!", you will obtain Moon Breathing with no further quests.

Do you have to be level 50 to get sun breathing in Demonfall? ›

Tanjiro can be located in the Coast Forest, near the border of the Frosty Forest. He can be seen overlooking a beach. In order to learn Sun Breathing, you must fulfill the requirements below: Requirements for Sun Breathing: Be at least Prestige 1 and level 50.

How much XP does Douma give Demonfall? ›

What Doma looks like in infinity castle raid. "In reality, humans who live virtuously and decently suffer irrational tragedies." Doma is the current penultimate boss in demonfall, he is the second boss in the infinity castle raid quest, and when defeated, he gives 7K xp.

What if Muzan eats Nezuko? ›

Secondly, Muzan would probably… eat Nezuko and Tanjiro in the hopes of obtaining their sun-resistance abilities, and also since he wouldn't be able to convince them to become demons to work under him. This would allow him to become the ultimate demon.

Who drugged Muzan? ›

The Anti-Kibutsuji Drug is a special four-stage drug that was created by the combined efforts and medical expertise of Tamayo, Yushiro and Shinobu Kocho with the main purpose of annihilating, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Who broke the Muzan curse? ›

The two known demons who broke free of Muzan's curse are Tamayo and Nezuko. Tamayo was able to break free of the condemnation when Yoriichi fought Muzan, nearly killing him in the process. During this weakened state, Yoriichi let Tamayo go, free her from Muzan, and free her from the curse.

What is the highest exp in Demonfall? ›

  • Crystal Demon: 152 times.
  • Blue Demon: 303 times.
  • Green Demon: 567 times.
  • Axe Demon: 1683 times.
  • Zenitsu: 474 times.
  • Gyutaro: 31 times.
  • Kaigaku: 31 times.
  • Infinity Castle: 7 times.

How to get 100 yen in demonfall? ›

There is a little trick, where if you go to Kamakura Village, there will be a couple next to the soup store. If you talk to the man, he will give you 100 yen for free. This can only happen once, but it's nice to know if you ever go there and want some extra yen. WARNING: When you get executed, you lose 25% of your yen.

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