Skyrim Console Commands List - Cheats for Gold, Perks, Items, & More! (2024)

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Skyrim Console Commands List - Cheats for Gold, Perks, Items, & More! (1)

Our Skyrim Console Commands List features a bunch of cheats that you can use in-game! We're taking a look at how-to get gold, perks, skill points, and level up! If you want to make things a bit easier on yourself in the game, some of these commands should be of great use to you.

How-to Open the Console

This is pretty simple, but is only available in the PC or Mac version of the game on Steam. All you need to do is press the ~ key (usually right under your Esc key) on your keyboard and it will open up. You can then enter in any of the following commands to utilize a cheat.

Gold Cheat

We will need to use the command "player.AddItem [Item ID] [Amount]" to spawn an item. Gold's Item ID is "0000000F" and will be the first variable. For the Amount variable, you can put in any number you want. Whatever you put there will be the amount that is spawned in-game.

Here's a look at what the command for gold would end up being:

player.AddItem 0000000F 100

If you were to type this into the console, you would give yourself 100 gold! You can change that final value to whatever you want to give yourself a larger amount of money.

Increase Carry Weight Cheat

Why should you be limited to how much random loot you can hold? If you want to carry all the plates, silverware, and random items that aren't nailed down in your backpack then you will like the following command!

player.setav carryweight X

You can go pretty high with the Carry Weight number, so feel free to jack it up to over 2,000 if you want!

Skyrim Console Commands List

[Target] means you actually need to click on the specific thing you want to interact with while you are in the console window. You will see a code come up in the middle of the screen that is the objects id number. This is a good indication you've selected what you are looking to manipulate.

  • tgm - GOD MODE! This makes it so you cannot be killed and you can carry as much as you want without worry of weight!
    • toggleimmortalmode - If you don't want full god mode, but you don't want to die you can use this command.
  • tcl - Turns on no-clip mode, which means you can fly and walk right through walls.
  • psb - Gives you all the spells in the game.
  • player.advlevel - Forces a Level Up, but doesn't give you any perks.
  • caqs - Complete all the Quest Stages.
  • tmm,1 - Adds all map markers to your map! This is likely not reversible (there's a lot of markers) unless you don't save, so use this with caution!
  • tfc - Free camera. Allows you to float around outside of your body. Probably good for screenshots if you'd like to take some (combine it with "tm" which removes your menus). You can use the left and right mouse button to go up and down. This does not move your character! Enter "tfc" again into the console to disable.
  • qqq - Quits the game! If you want to do that from console for some reason.
  • tai - Toggles Artificial Intelligence. Freezes enemies, but if you attack something they will attack back!
  • tcai - Toggles Combat Artificial Intelligence. If something is attacking you, it will stop. This applies even if you attack it.
  • tg - Toggles grass on and off.
  • tm - Toggles your menus and HUD. This includes the console window, so if you want to re-enable your HUD you will have to do it blind!
  • kill [Target] - Kills the selected target. You actually need to go into the console and click on what you want to kill. You'll see an ID number above your console, that is showing what you have currently selected.
  • resurrect [Target] - Resurrects the selected target. The same things apply to resurrect that apply to kill.
  • unlock [Target]- Unlocks the selected target.
  • lock [Target] X- Locks targeted chests, doors or people. X is the difficulty of the lock (0 - 100).
  • killall - Kills all the nearby enemies.
  • removeallitems [Target] - Removes all of the items from the targeted NPC.
  • enableplayercontrols - This will enable your controls during a cinematic.
  • tdetect - Toggles the AI Detection. If you've been detected while in stealth, and want to not be detected.
  • setownership [Target] - Changes ownership of the target item so you can steal it without being a criminal!
  • fov X - Changes your field of view. 160 is the max.
  • advancepclevel - Increases your level but doesn't give you a skill point.
  • advskill [Skill Name] X - Increases the named skill by X amount of experience. This can be used to level up your skill, but will also give you general experience which levels up your character as well. Do not include a space or dash if the skill has two words in it, e.g. Two-Handed should be "twohanded" and Heavy Armor would be "heavyarmor". There are a couple of skills that aren't what they are labeled in the menu. Archery is "marksman" and Speech is "speechcraft". The required amount of experience to level a skill varies depending on how high of level it is!
  • player.setav [Attribute Name] X - Use this command to set the number of a particular attribute. This is stuff like stamina, health, and magicka. Here's a list of some useful ones:
    • dragonsouls X - Give you X Dragon's Souls that can be used to improve your shouts.
    • speedmult X - Increases your movement speed by X multiplifer.
    • stamina X - Sets your Stamina.
    • health X - Sets your Health.
    • magicka X - Sets your Magicka.
  • player.setcrimegold X - Sets the amount of gold you would be required to pay to evade going to jail as a criminal. If you set it to 0, you are free.
  • player.setlevel X - Sets your level, but doesn't give you perks.
  • player.setscale X - Changes the scale of your body. X is the value of the scale, 1 is normal.
  • player.IncPCS [Skill Name] - Increases the level of the named skill by one.
  • player.additem X # - Adds X item to the game, where # is the amount of that item. X is an id number that represents a specific item, these ids can be found here.
  • help - Lists all of the console commands.

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Skyrim Console Commands List – Cheats for Gold, Perks, Items, & More!

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Skyrim Console Commands List - Cheats for Gold, Perks, Items, & More! (2024)
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